FSO Statement Against Racism, Hate & Violence

The Family Support Organizations of New Jersey are community-based organizations that provide peer-to-peer support, education, and advocacy to parents and caregivers of children with mental health and behavioral challenges, developmental disabilities, child welfare, substance use, and juvenile justice system involvement.

We condemn racism.  We condemn white supremacy.  We condemn the devaluation of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) that pervades our society.

We embrace diversity as a pillar and strength of the foundational work that we do with children and families.

We are committed to engaging in anti-racist, anti-disability, and anti-stigma activities to reduce the negative outcomes for youth and families that we serve.

We pledge to advocate with,  and on behalf of, marginalized communities who traditionally have needed the most resources and have received the least.

We support and stand with other youth and family voices in advocating for social justice.

We are committed to workplace diversity, respect, inclusion, fairness, equity, and social justice in our practice. 

Welcome to the

Ocean County Family

Support Organization, Inc. (FSO). 

The FSO is a non-profit organization made up of parents and community members whose mission is to ensure that every Ocean County family who have children with emotional, behavioral, mental health, substance use, and developmental challenges, is given community-based resources and support in a family-friendly, child-centered, culturally competent manner.